Taimanin Asagi Battle Arena Wiki

Eventually the goal is to have a more complete guide written, but for the time being this is just a FAQ.

Which faction should I pick to start? - It doesn’t matter. The only thing it affects is your starting card. You will be able to collect the others and the deck you build will be based mostly on your gacha rolls anyway.

What should I put my points from leveling up into? - Stamina has the best value, as deck costs right now are not a concern once you start getting to the higher levels. In addition to the point you can spend, you also gain a point in one of the three categories every level.

How do I raise the skill level on a card? - Raising the skill level of a card can be done one of two ways. You must discipline using either an identical copy of the card or a skill-up card of the same rarity. Skill-up cards are typically only found in event gachas and Kiryuu’s Lab. Be aware that using a card with a skill level higher than 1 as the material will still only increase a card’s skill by 1.

How long does it take for stam and BP to recharge? - Stamina regenerates at a rate of 1 every 3 minutes, no matter what. 1 BP regenerates every 20 minutes, but the timer resets if you use it to fight or if you use a BP pot. Your stamina and BP are both fully replenished every time you level up so take that into account if you're trying not to waste any.

What's the deal with log-in bonuses? - There are two types, daily bonuses and total day bonuses. Dailies are activated as soon as you hit the game start button and last for 30 minutes, even if you log out during that time. Total day bonuses are accumulated for each day you log in and reset once you get to 100.

What deck should I build? - This is a difficult question to answer as it depends on your cards and what you want to do. Generally speaking, you want a deck to be of one faction so you can take advantage of the skill synergy most cards have. Having a solid deck for each faction is a good goal to pursue. However, there are times where a mixed deck might be more advantageous and certain cards make this more viable. Determining how good a deck can be will require you to do the math.

Is the order of my deck important for skills? - No, flat boosts will always apply before percentage boosts and flat debuffs will always apply after percentage debuffs.

What do I do with Murasaki photos and how do I get more? - They can be used in Kiyuu’s Lab which is found near the bottom of the main page. The primary source for them is arena events, as you gain photos for every battle you do during those events. They also appear as event gacha rewards and occasionally as stage clear rewards during other events, but in much smaller numbers.

What do I do with limit break shards and how do I get more? - Limit break shards are used in the discipline menu and increase your cards’ stats by 10% up to three times. Skills are unaffected. They are a relatively rare resource and are only given out as special rewards from the developers right now, so you should only use them on higher rarity cards that you intend to use in your decks for a long time. Of course, limit breaking your waifu to show your support works too.

Why am I not finding any more raid bosses? - You can only have one quest raid boss and one raid event boss active at any time. When you get a boss, you must either kill it, request assistance and have others kill it, or wait 2-3 hours for it to disappear before you can find another boss.

What do I do if my raid bosses become too hard to kill? - Every Sunday at 7 A.M. PST (8 A.M. PDT) the bosses’ levels reset to 1, making them easy to clear again. In the meantime, you can request assistance and have others help you or spend more BP to keep hitting them.

You have a chance to spawn the bosses while questing, spawn rates seem to be the same regardless of stamina cost so it is recommended to use Chapter 2 stage 5 for the efficient stamina/exp ratio, it is also possible to use Chapter 1 stage 1 or 2 for the cheapest stamina option but lacks experience, making leveling harder.

With a max stamina of roughly 80 (less for chapter 1 stage 1) you should be able to find a speed demon and make a profit in stamina potions while making use of those stamina potions to find the next speed demon.

When you find a Speed demon or Red Oni you want to make sure you hit it at least for 51% damage so you are sure you will get the MVP reward, keep in mind that using skills that lowers defense does not count as your damage so you have to deal more than 51% when using those.

You have 2 and a half hours to kill the boss so you can take your time and wait for more BP to regen (1 every 20 minutes) if you didn't manage to kill the boss or deal 51% damage.

Call assist for bosses you don't want and see if others are interested, give it a few minutes or wait for your next BP regen and consider defeating the boss yourself if you want to look for new bosses.

Keep in mind that you can only have 1 boss active and cannot find a new boss until you defeated your current boss.